I’m a PhD Cell & Systems biologist who left the lab and started headhunting for the pharmaceutical industry.  After two years of learning what hiring managers are looking for, and recruiting R&D scientists, clinical research associates, regulatory affairs specialists, medical science liaisons and other professionals, I’ve moved on… but I still remember all the students and others who called and emailed, trying to catch a break and get their first opportunity in the industry.

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies provide exceptional career opportunities.  Most jobs in pharma are well-paid, with good benefits and opportunities for progression and promotion.  Many employees enjoy being part of an industry that helps people by creating new drugs and therapeutic treatments for disease.

No matter what your educational background, getting your foot in the door of the pharma industry can be challenging.  With this site, I hope to provide a resource that will help job-seekers understand the many different career opportunities within the industry, and prepare themselves for success.

Although I can’t provide individual advice, I welcome your emails and will try to write about topics of common interest.  If you are currently working in the industry and would like to share your own story or advice, please let me know!

You can reach me at headhunter@yourfirstpharmajob.com.

Thanks and good luck in your job search!