Interview with a Medical Science Liaison

I know many people who come to this blog are especially interested in Medical Science Liaison careers and are interested in learning how to get an MSL job.

You might be interested in this interview with an MSL posted at Shannon Payne, a medical science liaison at a molecular diagnostics company, talks about her career path. She mentions that informational interviews were very helpful to her, helping her to refine her resume and identify jobs that would be the best fit for her.

She also discusses how the Medical Science Liaison role may change over the next 5-10 years:

“In my role as a Medical Science Liaison, there will be increasingly more stringent regulations on interactions between industry and researchers and clinicians. It will be more important than ever to produce the highest quality scientific evidence and facilitate that evidence speaking for itself. We will need scientifically trained communicators with a clear understanding of, and dedication to, working within the regulatory framework in order to educate researchers and clinicians on forthcoming products.”

Be sure to check out my earlier post on preparing for a career as a medical science liaison as well as a cautionary tale shared by one of our readers.

If you’re a currently a student, post-doc or scientist with access to a medical library, you might also be interested in checking out some journal articles about the medical science liaison role.

You may also wish to check out a new resource: MSL World, a niche career source entirely focused on the Medical Science Liaison role. I recently spoke with their founder and was impressed with their dedication to providing a quality resource.

Remember, knowledge is power!  Good luck in your job search!

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